About Us

Aha! is made up of a five member Board of Directors that meets twice per month to review scholarship applications, discuss fundraising opportunities, and advance the mission and vision of Aha!

Aha! would not be successful if it were not for the help of our volunteers and Board of Directors members. If you, or someone you know is interested in joining our cause, please send your resume and information to our email: aha.mesacounty@gmail.com

Our President -Bonnie Bradshaw

Bonnie Bradshaw has lived in Grand Junction, Colorado for over 20 years and is veteran member of the educational community here in Mesa County. While raising her two boys, Bonnie earned her license to teach in Colorado with an English degree from Mesa State College. (now Colorado Mesa University). Bonnie also holds a K-12 SPED endorsement  As a teacher, substitute, tutor, and aide, Bonnie consistently maintains a committed involvement in the education of the Grand Valley’s youth. Bonnie’s career in the valley has spanned over a decade, and she continues to assist students of all ages and backgrounds. Since 2014, Bonnie has been supporting families impacted by learning disabilities through tutoring and consultation. She is currently a special education teacher with School District 51.

Our Vice President -
Kathi Rose

 I grew up in Colorado and attended Mesa State College here in Grand Junction, receiving my educational degree. I have a diverse background in teaching and case management. I started my own preschool, which I ran for 6 years before my husband and I decided staying home and raising our 4 children was our priority. I missed teaching and started volunteering in the school district, which I have done now for over 17 years. Volunteering has been satisfying but I still missed teaching. I started working as a case manager with Developmentally Disabled individuals. I decided to further my education becoming a Certified Barton Tutor and Dyslexia Consultant. I love to see the growth in children. I love being able to provide them with the tools and help they need to help them overcome their daily educational struggles. I now work as a SPED PERA for School District 51.

Our Treasurer -Russ Eckardt
Russ is the Vice President of Inter-West Sales & Mktg. Inc., studied Computer Science, Manufacturing Technologies and English at Weber State University. In his own words ..."I have been involved with volunteering for various non-profit, self-help organizations for the past 28 years, mostly with Public Relations and Public Information in Utah and Colorado at the Area and Regional levels. I currently volunteer under the Faith and Fellowship program within the Colorado Department of Corrections & Hospitals and Institutions.
I am passionate about the programs available to help individuals with dyslexia, as they have transformed my dyslexic son from a scared, confused and frightened kindergarten and 1st grade student that would cry at night because he could not read, understand and comprehend his homework. Into a confident and assured 4th grader who asked for books to read for Christmas. I am a better father equipped with the tools to help my son.
Through this process, I have come to realize how inadequate my son's school is in dealing with this issue and the financial struggles that arise from getting him the help he needs.I am honored to be involved with such an outstanding organization, with such a noble cause of helping ease the burdens, both financially and emotionally of students and their families in need."
Our Secretary - Lisa Eckardt

Lisa Eckardt has lived in Grand Junction for over 15 years with her husband, Russ and two boys, Colton and Kyler. In her own words..." I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Communication and Health Administration. My professional background is in Purchasing both in manufacturing and the oil field sectors. My son Colton was diagnosed with dyslexia the end of 1st grade. We spent many nights in tears because he was so frustrated with writing, spelling and math. He started to show signs of trouble in kindergarten but it was 1st grade when we were informed he was very behind where he should be. I joined Aha! after learning how often this learning disability (disease) goes undiagnosed and sadly how little support there is in the educational system. The expense for dyslexia screening and ongoing support can be unreachable for families."

Our Director of Operations-
Cerise Moran Hock

Cerise Moran Hock is a native Coloradan. She holds an MSOL in Organizational Leadership and Project Management a Regis University and a B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics from Colorado Mesa University. Cerise has worked with various nonprofits and has experience as a high school math teacher and curriculum developer. She has also lead businesses and helped develop strategic plans for a variety of businesses. Cerise has worked with students who have dyslexia since 2013 and became a part of Aha! to help bring awareness to the struggle that individuals with this growing diagnosis face. Cerise also has a passion for animals and is a T1 Diabetic.