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Scholarship Recipients

This page acknowledges the children who have received a scholarship from our organization.


2020 was a wild, crazy year for all. While we couldn't give away as much as we could in prior years but we did give away 4 iPads to these lucky kiddos!

Scholarship Winner
Scholarship winner
Scholarship winners

From L to R:

- My name is Aubrey and I am 7. I like reading and my monster game. An iPad would help me read. 

-Hi, my name is Tyler and I [am] 10 years old. I  would love an iPad to help my reading get better by using Dolphin Easy reader app. An iPad can be used to improve my reading too! Thank you. Ty

-My name is Natalie. I am a 2nd grader doing remote learning. An IPad would help me be able to have an easier time doing my Lexia, Dreambox and Prodigy which helps me with my reading and math skills!

-My name is Jacob and I'm a 9th grader doing remote learning. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2nd grade and have worked hard to try to keep up with reading. Remote learning is definitely a challenge for me and an IPad would help me with more access to the reading programs I use for school work. It would also be be useful to download books to read.

Scholarship Winner

One of our 2019 scholarship recipient is Joshua M., as described by his Family:

  Joshua is a 13-year-old who loves to play with Legos and Nerf guns.  He is very energetic and willing to play most outdoor activities.  He is always ready to play a good game of racquetball. 

Joshua is a loving little boy who tries very hard with his school work but with his learning disabilities, it is a big struggle.  He started  West Middle School this year and has adjusted well. He is now realizing his hard work is paying off with the help of lots of tutoring.  We are so grateful to have found the necessary help to make him a successful adult.  DFWC's scholarship is a real blessing for our family and Joshua.

Chance L., as described by his mother, Ila:

 Chance Lynn is an active, adventurous 7 year old little man.  He loves the outdoors and the ranching/cowboy way of life.  He is a self-proclaimed cowboy. He loves to take care of his animals, ride horses and round up or herd cows.  Chance loves his siblings and is always willing to help.  

Chance is in the 2nd grade and is loving his new school at Tope with new teachers and friends.  He seems very active and motivated to succeed. Chance is not afraid of hard work and with the support of DFWC team members, Chance will get the tools and support needed to succeed in life.

Scholarship Winner
Scholarship Winner

 Tripp R., as described by his mother, Savannah:

Tripp is a 7 year old Colorado native who loves anything outdoors. Tripp is passionate about fishing, semi trucks, and his family. He attends first grade at Messiah Lutheran School here in Grand Junction and has attended for 3 years starting with preschool. Tripp is a team player in anything he does and aims to please. He loves his friends he has made at school and his favorite subject is P.E. Tripp is very eager to learn and is excited for all the tools he will have with the help of his teachers and the staff at Dyslexia Foundation of Western Colorado.

 Rachel P., as described by her parents, Robert and Theresa:

Rachel was a beautiful baby and brought us nothing but complete joy. Rachel is growing into a very loving, kind, hardworking, respectful, and enthusiastic young woman. She has a zest for life that is contagious. She has participated in the Girls on the Run program and has gained a great sense of empowerment and value of self. This summer she plans on taking a CPR certification course so that she can start her own babysitting business. Rachel also takes care of our 3 dogs and a slew of fish (one that is currently expecting). Rachel has made tremendous strides while dealing with her learning disability. She has done this with a support system at home and at East Middle School that cheer her on at every barrier she pushes through. Her older brother is her biggest fan and helps her as well.

Scholarship Winner

Axton S. as written by his mother, Kate:

Axton is 8 years old and attends Juniper Ridge Community School. He enjoys just about every activity and is a friend to all. Some of his favorite things to do include: riding his bike, playing with Legos, fishing, teasing his sister, and playing Mindcraft.

Scholarship Winner
Scholarship Winner

For the 2nd half of Cal D.'s award  his parents, Marlena and Joe, said:

Cal is very athletic. He skis, rock climbs, plays soccer, hikes and participates in Track. He loves Legos, puzzles, card tricks, and Minecraft. Cal is a compassionate caring boy. He loves his pets and his sister. He is a good, loyal friend. He strives to do what is "right". Cal works hard and does what is asked of him. Cal rarely complains. We are honored to be Cal's Mom and Dad.

Scholarship Winner
Cal D. as written by his father, Joe D.:

Cal Diedrich loves life! He is a compassionate, caring boy.  Cal is up at 6am excited for the day and goes until 8pm then is out like a light.  Cal is an individual that will stick up for anyone that is being wronged. Cal loves Legos, hot wheels, puzzles (Rubik's cube), board games, his pets, his skateboard and the outdoors including camping, hiking, swimming, running and soccer. Cal will brighten any room with his positive uplighting personality.

Makayla P., as written by her mother, Glacia P.:

Makayla is a 12 year old with the biggest heart! She is has a great sense of humor and loves helping others. She enjoys fishing, volleyball and color guard. Makayla is one of the most courageous people I know. No matter how hard a situation gets she always keeps pushing through!  

Scholarship Winner
Scholarship Winner
Maddie W., as written by her mother, Audra W.:

Maddie is an eight year old girl, with imaginative and inventive gifts in abundance.  She is playful and dramatic in her social interactions, which enables her to make friends wherever she goes.  She has a very compassionate and giving heart and would do just about anything for someone in need.  Maddie has been struggling with reading and writing for several years, but that hasn’t stopped her from writing her own song lyrics, personal greeting cards to friends and family, and/or anything else that she can personally create.  Her hard work and persistence are finally paying off with the amazing help from her tutor.

Jeremy D., as written by his mother, Krystle D.:

Jeremy is an energetic 8 year old boy with great determination. The way Jeremy has faced is hardships with reading and childhood apraxia of speech with such a great attitude of positivity and hard work has been an inspiration to not only our family but our close friends as well. Being the oldest of his 2 siblings he takes joy in teaching his 6 year old brother and 4 year old sister new thing that he has learned.   Jeremy's gentle loving nature makes him a joy to be around. He loves fishing, dirt bikes, camping and almost any thing out doors. Jeremy truly is a blessing to his family!

Scholarship Winner
Scholarship Winner
Aiden S., as written by his mother, Shannon S.:

Aiden Shannon is a 10 year old boy with a heart of gold. Despite premature birth, hearing impairment and other challenges, he continues to prove himself as an intelligent, charismatic, fun loving young man. He has not met one person who has not been charmed by his wonderful personality.  His greatest passions include reading, video games and sharing new information he has learned. He is a full time student as well as a household comedian for his mother, father and younger year old sister.

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